PRONUNCIATION stravaig /strəˈveɪɡ/ VERB of Scottish, Irish origon MEANING – Wander about aimlessly. ‘stravaiging about the roads’ ORIGIN – Late 18th century: probably a shortening of obsolete extravage ‘digress, ramble’. ________________________________________________   It began almost a year ago….   James, skipper and owner of the fine yacht Stravaig mentioned that he would prefer to … More Stravaig

Spring is here

Facebook has a lot to answer for and after being persuaded to re-join by Felix (Magellan Motorcycle Tours) so that I could both help administer and create pages as each tour I am involved in progresses, I find myself addicted to both posting and finding out what people I know have been up to! I … More Spring is here

Chilly January

It is interesting to compare the differences with the weather in NE Scotland with the weather here in France.   It can get cold here…   The water from our well (where the underground source is about 8m below ground and from where we pump up the water to an open tank of around 6000 … More Chilly January